What to look at when comparing air conditioning units.

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What to look for when comparing air conditioning units

Purchasing an air conditioning unit can be difficult but not if you know what you are looking for.  Let us walk you through key points to consider when making your decision.


Let’s talk about some important things to consider when picking your outdoor AC unit. All these considerations will ensure that your unit lasts a long time, is noise dampened and runs well!

Composite Base Pan

A base pan is the base of your AC which is underneath the AC unit and can be made from different materials.  Our choice is always a composite base pan.

When using a composite base pan, you can be assured it will never rust and is UV resistant, as opposed to a solid metal pan which will rust out quickly. They’re durable and watertight, which guarantees that no water or liquids will leak through or underneath the pan and cause damage. Composite base pans also allow the AC unit to run quieter and dampens the noise coming from the unit.

What is the best wrap for my unit?

The wrap of the unit is very important because it holds everything together and holds the top in place. This protects the coil inside which is very important when considering the longevity of your AC unit. A wire wrap is less effective than a Louvered wrap, which deflects UV rays, gives the unit shade and provides a better overall protection. A wire wrap has more openings which allow debris to get inside the fan and base of the AC unit. The Louvered wrap also helps reduce the sound made from the AC unit.

The top of the unit

The top of the unit is responsible for holding the fan guard and fan motors in place! 

The Weatherguard top is a technology used by American Standard and Trane. A Weatherguard top is a tray top that goes above the AC unit and hangs over the fan underneath. It prevents your AC unit from having objects or debris fall inside the unit and cause damage. It protects the fan motor and the inside of the unit by preventing debris from entering the system.

Weatherguard tops are made of a composite material, which means that it is made up of 2 different materials, when combined, create a unique new type of material that is highly resistant to fractures or damage. This material is even stronger and ensures that it will last longer and create less waste on your pocket and the environment. The composite top is also UV resistant!

Indoor AC Units:

There are a few things to consider when purchasing your indoor AC unit. 

  • The construction of the cabinet is important to note and you want to make sure that it is made of aluminum. 
  • The cabinet of an indoor AC unit is what contains the evaporator component. 
  • The inside of the cabinet should be insulated. 
  • You want to make sure that there is an all aluminum coil as well because the aluminum fin on copper tubing is subject to more erosion and is not as good to have. 
  • The evaporator should be all aluminum as well. 
  • Lastly, you want to make sure the filtration system has a built in filter rack that is easy to get to because this will ensure you can change it as needed.

Consider using one of the trusted name brand units like Trane or Rheem! Brand name units are important because they use quality components and are manufactured by quality companies.  They stand by their product and provide the customer with that reassurance in their product to last a long time and work well. They’re locally supported and it is easier to repair them then it is for discounted off-brand units. 

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