What to consider before having an AC unit installed.

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Have you ever been unhappy with the work someone has provided you on your home? Have you ever felt like you are just a dollar sign and your opinion was not respected when working with an HVAC company or contractor?  Well, we wanted to provide you with some advice and steps to take when hiring your next HVAC service company.  

Is the company properly Insured?

The company you are looking at must be licensed, insured, and bonded. This is because so many things could go wrong, from damage to your home, injured technicians, unpaid subcontractors, unfinished work, or lack of permitting.  Making sure the company you hire is properly insured will take the liability of these problems off the homeowner.  Please see Chart 1 below.

chart to explain text
Chart 1

Does the company you are hiring have great reviews and a positive online presence?

Confirm they have a good online reputation. Reputation is everything! We always recommend reviewing a company’s online presence and reviews before choosing to work with them. Reviews can give you personal accounts of a customer’s experience working with a company. 

You can also look for pictures of their installations. These can usually be found on their Facebook or Instagram pages, or even their website.  See the work done with your own eyes and know what you are going to be getting ahead of time.

Make sure your technician is properly informed about your home and any previous HVAC issues.

The HVAC companies technicians play a very important role in the process, because poor installation is the main cause of issues with your air conditioning unit. It’s important for your comfort consultant to be knowledgeable and educated on the way your home works and any previous air conditioning problems you may have had. 

These are examples of some great questions to go over with your technician to produce the best install for your home.  If they know of any problems ahead of time they can prepare for them and even eliminate them.

  • How big is the property and is the air conditioner too big or too small for the property?  
  • Do you have a room that is always warmer than the others? 
  • Do you have indoor air quality issues? 
  • Do you have any installation issues? 
  • Is your duct work properly designed for your home? 

Your knowledgeable comfort consultant will automatically cover these points with their homeowners and being asked these questions can be one more sign you have an experienced technician in your home!  We hope this article makes you feel more prepared for your new HVAC installation and we hope you will subscribe to be notified of future blogs with helpful information for Brevard County homeowners!

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