Why the brand name matters when it comes to choosing your air conditioning unit

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Sometimes generic is the best option but NOT when it comes to your air conditioning unit.  Below we walk you through all the reasons why.

  1. Availability of parts

It is always important to make sure the air conditioner you have or are thinking about purchasing is supported locally in your town.  Keeping in mind that a lot of bargain brands are not locally supported.

In the event you need a part and it is not locally available in town, state, or even the country it can delay a repair from days to weeks.  This is a situation we would hate to see anyone in.  It is also the reason why we always recommend purchasing name or known brands that are locally supported.

  1. Composite vs. Mineral Base Pan

The base pan is something to consider when looking at a unit.  A composite base pan is UV resistant and will last the life of the unit. Mineral base pans are less durable and will inevitably rust.

This is especially important to consider if you live in a condo where your unit is raised.  If the base pan rusts, then it can potentially fall through the bottom.  This will not happen with a composite base pan.

You can expect a Mineral Base Pan if you have or are purchasing a bargain brand unit.


  1. Coils

The main factor we would like to discuss that affects our Brevard County homeowners is how the coils hold up in salty environments. There are three main types of coils:

  • Aluminum Fin on Copper [least resistant to salt]
  • Micro Channel
  • Spine Fin Coil. [most resistant to salt]

This is one of our favorite factors to highlight and Spine fin Coils are by far superior and not available in any other units except Trane.  In addition to holding up against rust it is made from corrosion-resistant materials and fewer joints to prevent leaks.

  1. Louvered vs Wire Wrap

Bargain base brands tend to have a wire wrap that offers little protection leaving coils fully exposed to the sun, weed whackers and kids to name a few dangers. Known brand models, like Trane, have louvered wraps to deflect UV rays and wick moisture away from the coils.

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