The 10 Most Common AC Problems That Homeowners Face

The 10 Most Coom AC Problems Homeowners Face.

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common When summer comes, the AC becomes the even more important for Floridians. Homeowners generally need to crank up the AC in order to get the desired level of cooling that will keep the home temperature cool and comfortable. But the AC can suffer from many common problems.

The lasts thing you need during the height of the summer is your air conditioner to break down. Unfortunately, ACs, like other home appliances, develop problems from time to time. Here, we will discuss the ten most common AC problems homeowners face, as well as what you can do about them.

Common AC Problems:

AC Not Turning On

It can be a real nightmare to come back home from a hectic day at work only to find out that your air conditioner will not come on at all. If you can’t get the technician to come immediately and fix the problem and you can’t do that yourself, then you will most likely have a hot, restless, and sleepless night.

Sometimes, ACs refuse to come up because a circuit breaker is tripped. It may also be that the thermostat is faulty or there is loose wiring somewhere. There is hardly anything you can do if your AC refuses to come on. It is not advisable for you to try to perform any wiring repairs yourself. Calling in certified HVAC professionals is the best thing to do when your unit refuses to come on.

AC Running Constantly

During the height of the summer, it is normal for ACs to run continuously for several hours. This, however, doesn’t mean they should run endlessly without stopping periodically. If you notice that your unit is constantly running, then there must be a problem somewhere.

One of the major causes of AC running constantly is a faulty thermostat. It can also be an indication of a problem with a compressor, air filters, or electrical parts. The only feasible thing you can do is to turn off the thermostat fan to see if that shuts the AC off. If that doesn’t happen, then you will need to call in the experts.

AC Unit Turning On and Off Repeatedly

Your AC shouldn’t be turning on and off repeatedly. If this is happening, it will be impossible to achieve the level of cooling you may need to feel comfortable. The problem is called short-cycling and has the potentials to cause serious damage to the compressor.

There are different issues that can cause short-cycling in ACs. Clogged air filters or miscalibrated thermostats are the commonest ones. Contacting your HVAC professional is the right thing to do if you are experiencing this problem.

Clogged Filters

Clogged filters are problems on their own. When your filters are clogged, your AC will become significantly ineffective. It will almost be impossible to achieve the level of cooling that will keep you and others in your home comfortable.

Clogged filters normally result from dirt. This may not seem like a major problem, but it can damage the coil’s capacity to absorb heat, and this can be a bigger issue. You need to keep your filters clean always.

Clogged Filters Normally Result from dirt.  This may not seem like a major problem, but it can damage the caoil's capacity to absorb heat, and this can be a bigger issue.  You need to keep your filters clean always.

Low Refrigerant Level

The refrigerant is the chemical that cools the air in the Air Conditioner system. It needs to be at a certain level to keep the AC working efficiently. Refrigerants don’t deplete easily. A low level of refrigerant, therefore, is almost always an indication of a leak.

It is important to fix refrigerant or water leak in an AC as soon as possible. If a refrigerant leak is not fixed in time and the refrigerant level becomes really low, it can severely damage the compressor, which is one of the costliest parts to replace.

Hot Air Blowing Out

The last thing you or anyone else in your house want to experience is warm air when you are already sweating or feeling the furry of the summer. If your AC starts blowing hot air, then it is a major problem you have to address immediately.

Hot air from the air conditioner is mostly an indication of overheating of the compressor. This will normally happen if there is an obstruction in the duct or debris. It can also be an indication of a drop in refrigerant level. Replacing air filters regularly and cleaning the duct at least once a year can prevent this problem. You can also call your technicians to check the refrigerant level.

Exterior Fan Not Working

If the exterior fan of your AC is not working, it is important that you get it fixed as soon as possible. This may not seem like a major problem, but when you don’t pay attention to it, it can cause the compressor to overheat, and this is not something you want to experience as the repercussions can be heavy.

Condenser Coil Freezing

Some people erroneously assume that ice around the AC coil is normal – this is far from the truth. If your condenser coil is freezing, it will be an indication that your AC is working too hard to keep your home cool. This is not a good thing as it makes your electricity bill rise astronomically.

There are different things that can make your AC work more than necessary and show the indication with condenser coil freezing. Dirty air filters and condenser units are the commonest cause. Take care of them, and the problem can be prevented. When it is already an issue, calling in the experts is the best thing to do.

Strange Smell from the AC

Your AC shouldn’t be producing any odor at all. When you notice that the air coming from the AC has any funny smell, then you should know there is a problem. A burning smell may indicate that the motor is having a wiring problem, and a foul musty smell will indicate improper drainage and growth of mildew.

It is better to shut off your AC once you notice any smell from it. Call in the experts as soon as possible so that they can detect the cause of the smell and fix it.

Strange Noise from the AC

Your air conditioner shouldn’t be making any strange noise. If it suddenly starts doing that, then there is something wrong. The sound doesn’t have to be loud before you take it as a red flag. Once you can feel the strange vibration, squealing, or grinding noises, then there is a real issue that needs to be addressed.


There are many other common AC problems homeowners face with their air conditioners, but the ten discussed here are the commonest ones. When you notice any problem you cannot address, it is important that you maintain regular maintenance and call the experts as soon as possible to take care of the problem and prevent further damages.

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