Four things to check before calling an A/C repair company.

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Four things to check before calling an A/C repair company.

Before you get all heated about your air conditioner breaking down, make sure you rule out the four most common issues that cause A/C units to act up or shut off that homeowners can repair themselves.  This will save you time, money and frustration!

1. Thermostat batteries

If the thermostat display is blank and/ or the screen on the thermostat doesn’t light up, read no further.  Many thermostats use batteries as power source so just check batteries and replace as needed.  This is a very common and frequent issue we see that home owners can take care of themselves.

2. Check the breakers

Always make sure to check the circuit breaker in the breaker box, or as some people call it the fuse box.  Especially here on the Space Coast of Florida, where we have so many thunderstorms, frequently causing small power outages.

*If the breaker continues to trip after resetting it once you should call an electrician just in case it is signaling a problem with the wiring.  They are designed to trip for safety reasons.

3. Float Switch

The float switch is attached to your condensate drain line located on the indoor unit called your air handler.  It is responsible for taking the condensation from inside the handler and directing it outside.  If it becomes clogged or backfilled, the safety switch will flip which shuts off the system. This keeps water from overflowing onto the floor and creating a real mess.

If you remove the cap on top of your float switch and you see any water this may be the problem.  Many times this can be cleared by locating where the PVC drain surfaces outside which is usually by the outdoor condensing unit. Attach your shop vacuum to the end and allow it to remove any water or sludge that may be clogging the drain.  If this does not solve the problem then you will need to call a professional.

4. Filter

When was the last time you changed your A/C filter and do you do this regularly?  This is very important because dirty air filters can restrict the airflow to you’re A/C or heating unit and can cause the A/C unit to malfunction.

If none of these common issues are causing your air conditioners problems, please call a professional to help!  We would also love for you to subscribe below to get updates on all of our future blogs designed to help homeowners in Brevard County, Florida!

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