Insulation The Correct Choice For You

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Good insulation equals comfort and more efficient heating

It may seem obvious, but it’s always a good topic to think about, especially with winter pretty much here and the heat starting to crank on. If you don’t have good insulation, you won’t have efficient heating and you’re wasting money every month.


warm-fuzzy-socks Many homes, even newer ones, have drafty areas. There are many ways to find out where these are located, but the simplest is to turn your heat way down and then walk around your home with bare feet. Trust me, your feet will find them all. A lot of people tend to use “stuff” to plug up the cracks or holes- we’ve seen tissues, various kinds of tape, rags, and more.

Waiting will cost you

throwing-money Have you ever seen anyone throwing money out the window? We have. With the high cost of energy, the longer you wait to insulate the more money you are throwing away. A good insulation contractor will identify and properly fill all drafty areas, and make sure these areas are properly insulated. Just a few small steps can lower heating and cooling bills as much as 23%!

Good for your wallet AND the environment

We all know that burning fossil fuel destroys the environment in so many ways. Energy audits are a must to make sure you have the most efficient heating or air conditioning possible- especially in older homes (built before 1980). Building codes were pretty lax for heating and cooling as energy efficiency wasn’t as much of a focus.

Health Consequences

The more we age, the more we seem to require better climate control. In our own homes, we’re likely to just throw on a sweater or extra blanket, but as you get older your circulation gets slower. It gets harder to move around and take extra clothes on and off to eat, or do certain things. Don’t forget to check on Mom and Dad’s house!

You have a rep to protect

When family and/or friends gather for the holidays, you don’t want to be known as the wonderful couple with the beautiful but cold and drafty home.

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