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Purchase supplies early to prepare for a storm.
When a storm threatens, lines will be long and supplies will be short.
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association)
1-800-621-FEMA (3362)
Food Supplies:
 Water: 2 ½ gallons per person per day (store in clean plastic containers)
 Ice
 Canned & powdered milk
 Beverages (powdered or box/canned fruit juices, instant coffee, tea)
 Prepared foods (canned soups, beef, spaghetti, tuna, chicken, ham, corned beef hash, packaged pudding)
 Canned vegetables/fruits
 Dried fruits
 Snacks (crackers, cookies, nuts, hard candy)
 Cereals
 Raw vegetables
 Sugar, salt, pepper
 Bread
 Dry & canned pet food
Kitchen Supplies:
 Manual can opener
 Bottle opener
 Pocket knife
 Camp stove or other cooking device and plenty of fuel. Charcoal or gas for grills (use grills outside only and away from home or other buildings)
 Paper plates, napkins, aluminum foil
 Plastic cups, knives, forks, spoons
Baby Needs:
 Disposable Diapers
 Wipes
 Diaper rash ointment, petroleum jelly
 Baby medicines (pain, cold, cough)
 Medicine dropper
 Extra formula, jarred baby food
 Hand tools – hammer, screwdrivers, shovel and pickax
 Power screwdriver
 4 X 8 foot, ½ inch thick sheets of plywood to cover windows
 ¼ inch machine screw sockets and screws
 Plastic sheeting to cover furniture
 Rope
 Sturdy working gloves
 Duct tape to waterproof items – masking tape isn’t strong enough
 Canvas tarps
 Nails. There are many kinds so look over your home and determine what you will need now (before a storm). Using a nail too small or the wrong shape will fail and damage will occur.
 Tarp and 1 X 1 fir strips for emergency roof repairs
 Spray paint to identify home incase it’s damaged
 Ladder (tall enough to make repairs to roof if damaged)
To make an Emergency toilet:
 Small can or garbage can with tight lid
 Plastic bags for liners
 Disinfectant or bleach
 Deodorizer
Household items:
 Flash lights and extra bulbs
 Battery operated TV or radio
 Fully charged battery-operated lanterns
 Extra batteries
 Matches (store in a sealed plastic bag)
 Plastic garbage bags
 Working fire extinguisher
 Scissors
 Toilet paper
 Clean change of clothes, rain gear, hat, sturdy boots and work gloves
 Map of the area
 List of emergency contact phone numbers
 Copy of insurance policy, deed, etc.
 Plastic bags, jugs or containers to store water and ice
 Water purification tablets
 Plastic to line bathtub
 Absorbent Towels
 Pillows, blankets and sleeping bags
 Newspaper, cat litter or plastic sheets for pets area
Medicines: Drug stores could be closed for days after a storm, make sure to have a 2 week supply.
 Medic Alert tags
 Insect repellant sprays and candles
 Personal and feminine hygiene items
 Insect bite lotion
 Sunscreen
 Soap
 First-aid kit with handbook
 Extra over the counter medicine (colds, allergies)
 Children’s medicine
 Aspirin
 Diarrhea medication
 Bandages
 Adhesive tape
 Cotton-tipped swabs
 Antiseptic solution
 Sterile rolls, bandages
 Tweezers
 Needles
 Disinfectant
 Rubbing alcohol
 Antacid
 Denture needs, contact lenses and extra pair of eyeglasses
 Candles and/or kerosene lanterns are fire hazards
 It’s a good idea to make sure you have a full tank of gas in all available vehicles if you decide to stay in your home during a hurricane.
 Remember that ATM’s will not work until the electricity is restored.
 Have a two week supply per person of non-perishable foods. Avoid salty or foods high in protein or fat; they will make you thirsty.

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