Five Tips to Prepare for Spring Air Conditioning

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Everyone dreams of the weather warming up, turning on their air conditioning to cool down the whole house and feeling the breeze flow everywhere. However, there are some things that need to be taken care of before the air conditioning is ever turned on when the weather warms up. Following each of these steps will ensure that the home is cool when the temperatures rise and the homeowner will not face expensive repair bills.


  1. Have The Unit Checked Every Six Months

Investing in a regular maintenance plan helps to keep the air conditioning and furnace working properly at all times. When it comes time to turn the unit on, there is a virtual guarantee it will work if someone has already been out to check it. Contact us to take advantage of our Spring air conditioning specials for maintenance!


  1. Have The Ducts Cleaned

When the air conditioning is running, it is blowing everything in the ducts into the house.Having the ducts cleaned keep the air in the home clean.


  1. Change The Filter

Changing the filters in the air conditioning system helps to trap dirt, dust and allergens before they ever pass into the house. Without a clean filter, the air in the home will be compromised.


  1. Turn It On Early

Turning on the air conditioning a week or so before the temperatures are supposed to rise ensures that the unit will work at the precise moment it is supposed to. If there is a problem, it can be addressed before it gets hot outside.


  1. Get a Digital Thermostat

Having a digital thermostat in the home will prevent the air conditioning from being run too much once the temperatures warm up. Without a digital thermostat, the air could end up running constantly and breaking down the system very quickly. No one wants to spend part of their spring or summer getting their air conditioning repaired.

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