We offer a wide range of thermostats

Your thermostat is the key to accurately controlling the level of cooling indoors. Without it, your cooling system can’t do its job. By providing a means to communicate with and control your air conditioner, your thermostat will afford you precise comfort control.

Thermostats: Our Selection

Hearth & Home offers a wide selection of thermostats. With options and features available to help you effectively control your indoor comfort levels, we have the perfect thermostat to fit your needs no matter what type of cooling system you own. Our selection of thermostats includes the following:

You can review data collected about your energy use to make smarter choices that will help you save energy and money. Contact the experts at Hearth & Home for assistance in selecting your new thermostat. 

Thermostats: Precise Comfort Control

Thermostat technology has come a long way in the past few years. Once, manual thermostats were the only method of control; while they do allow you to adjust temperatures, they are the basic option. Today’s thermostats offer a range of features designed to enhance convenience and improve the efficiency of your cooling system.

We will help you find a thermostat that offers the features you need. We provide quality installation of new thermostats, ensuring your new thermostat will be able to effectively control your air conditioning system.

How Much Do Thermostats Cost?

The cost of a new thermostat will depend on the model you choose for use in your home or business. If you require assistance in determining which thermostat would be best for your situation, our knowledgeable technicians are happy to help. To learn the price of a new thermostat for use with your air conditioning system, contact Hearth & Home today for an estimate.

For your peace of mind, Hearth & Home Heating and Cooling offers 24- hour emergency repair services. Simply call 321-253-5555, and we will be happy to schedule an emergency service call.

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