Honeywell Temperature Zoning Systems

Energy savings and comfort with a complete solution to your home


Smart Sensors, Smart Living

Control heating and cooling comfort anywhere you want it at anytime. Zoning is an energy-efficient way to keep every room comfortable. No more need to waste energy to change the temperature of a single room. You can save up to 33% off your energy bills.*

If used as directed when compared to a central thermostat.

Do I need temperature zoning?

Receive a tune-up of your air conditioner every spring and your furnace or heat pump every fall.


How it Works

Honeywell Zoning systems uses dampers in your ductwork which will open and close depending on the thermostat reading adding cool or warm air to the rooms that need it while keeping the other room temperatures stable.

Choose from a variety of thermostats

T10 Pro

T6 Pro

D6 Ductless