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Condensation on windows

Condensation collecting on windows and glass doors is a sure sign of too much humidity indoors.

Mold spots

If you can see mold on the ceiling or upper corners of your walls, you have a moisture problem.

Musty odors

Once you remove any mold growth, a dehumidifier can help you control humidity levels and prevent re occurrence.

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Dehumidifiers: Signs You Need One

  • Dehumidifiers work to control humidity levels inside by removing excess moisture from your air. Humid air is drawn inside the unit where it is cooled, removing moisture. Cold, dry air is then moved through a hot condenser where it is heated.
  • The cost of dehumidifier installation will depend on the equipment needed to treat your home or business. Hearth & Home offers a variety of dehumidification equipment to control indoor moisture levels. Contact us today to schedule an estimate to learn the cost of installation.

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